jhalfs-X .. $LFS $HLFS

George Boudreau georgeb at linuxfromscratch.org
Fri Mar 24 04:39:55 PST 2006

   Ignore my previous post....  brain fart..

George Boudreau wrote:
> Manuel,
>   I 'think' I have stumbled upon a small ugly. When I started to reduce 

   Note to myself:: Do not 'think' at midnight.. nothing is working 
above the neck..

> the amount of code for the 4 books lfs/hlfs/clfs/blfs I took some 
> liberties with the global variables LFS (and HLFS).. I removed them from 
> the scripts and replaced them with a generic MOUNT_PT. This was done so 
> I could standardize many of the functions.. In the Makefile
>   The small ugly is related to the kernfs script. In HLFS you do 
> "HLFS=$LFS" in your xsl script. However LFS no longer exists as the 
> mount point .. In the CLFS package the LFS still exists, unmodified.

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