jhalfs-X CLFS block cmd script modifications.

M.Canales.es manuel at linuxfromscratch.org
Thu Mar 23 12:17:40 PST 2006

El Jueves, 23 de Marzo de 2006 21:13, George Boudreau escribió:

>   yes..that is what would happen, mv .vs. cp . I am not sure it this is
>   the proper approach but it worked for me.  I will take a peek at
> lfs/hlfs and see what is different.

IMHO, the command may fail in the "boot" method due that in 
boot/settingenvironment.xml the "set +h" is missing. But that will be a bug 
in the book commands, not in jhalfs.

The same is true if the "ln -s killall /bin/pidof" in final-system/psmisc 
bomb, like you has annotated in master.sh.

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