paco svn breaks jhalfs-paco patch

Tor Olav Stava t-ol-sta at
Thu Mar 23 03:12:30 PST 2006

Tor Olav Stava wrote:

> david.rosal at wrote:
>> Hello Tor.
>> Don't use paco SVN versions for your jhalfs-paco patch.
>> In 20060319 and later the variables PACO_INCLUDE and PACO_EXCLUDE are 
>> not met.
>> This is experimental stuff, and may or may not be enabled in 1.10.4 
>> (opinions?).
> Note taken.
> In my opinion the environment variables isn't really needed if it can 
> be set in the config file or using command line parameters. I'm using 
> env variables by old habit. I've got Paco 1.10.2 installed on my host 
> system, and the LD_PRELOAD bails out if the variables isn't set in the 
> behaviour with 1.10.3, but Paco-svn-20060319 only requires 
> I don't see why it's necessary to set the variables, when there's a 
> config file. But 1.10.2 wants the variables set even if it's already 
> set in the config file.

I take my opinion back. After deeper studying of the possibilities, it's 
still useful to be able to set the environment variables. At least in my 
case it will make it possible to make cleaner and less intrusive 
scripts. Another option could be that the LD_PRELOAD library itself 
reads the variables from the config file.
I guess the main difference here is if the user wraps the commands like 
paco -lD "commands here" or sets the LD_PRELOAD first, and log the 
package after installation.
After struggling with this patch, I've seen use for both options.

>> Of course you still can use either the command line options -I/-E or the
>> INCLUDE/EXCLUDE options in the configuration file, but I think that 
>> you're using
>> the environment variables in your patch...
> Yes, I'm using the env vars (see above), but it would be easy to 
> change it to command line options. That would possibly be a better 
> solution. I think I'll make that change..

And that's where the trouble started. To make it work, I have to make 
more intrusive changes to the original code, which I'm really trying to 

I would prefer if the functionality of paco stays as is, and just fix 
the bug with the INCLUDE/EXCLUDE dirs.

Tor Olav

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