More bugs in Paco-patch

Tor Olav Stava t-ol-sta at
Thu Mar 23 00:31:50 PST 2006

After the last run of the complete HLFS-glibc build I've noticed another 
bug with the Paco commands. It's using Paco from the host's system. I 
didn't notice until I checked the final paco logs, where paco-1.10.2 is 
listed on top, and that's the version I'm running on my host. Seems I 
need to run the paco command from within $(CHROOT).

David Rosal also recommends NOT using the latest svn versions, so I'll 
revert back to 1.10.3 and do more test-runs.

All my previous messages about the svn-version being ok only applies to 
compiling and the LD_PRELOAD library, as the Paco binary has never been 
used from the {H}LFS system :(

As of now, I guess the patch will work ok as long as Paco is installed 
on the host ;)

I'll get back soon with another fixed patch..

Tor Olav

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