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M.Canales.es manuel at linuxfromscratch.org
Mon Mar 20 12:10:09 PST 2006

El Lunes, 20 de Marzo de 2006 20:47, George Boudreau escribió:
> Manuel,
>    I see you have been very active with the hlfs code.

Yes :-))

I'm now trying to address the issue related with your point 3 for HLFS.

After that, one issue will remain: for uClibc a proper configuration is 
needed. the current "make oldconfig" is only a temporal dirty hack that will 
create an unusable system.

I will ask in the hlfs-dev list if a default config file can be created, like 
with the kernel.

>    Before you get too deep inside clfs we should discuss a few of the
> oddities clfs brings.
>    1. The clfs has its own 'extract_commands' function with a crude
> method for extracting patches and packages and generating the build
> scripts.  If possible I would like to reintegrate this custom version
> back into the common_functions file.

My first step will be to create a proper clfs.xsl file without touch the bash 
code, comparing the generated scripts with the ones from the current CLFS 

When having a working one, then I will start integrating it into the bash 

>    2. The function 'build_makefile' will have to be reworked to handle
> both a 'chroot jail' build as well as a 'boot minimal' style.  The
> method I used in the makefile is miserable and relies on a failure to
> exit the makefile script prematurely.. (bad.. very bad)

Maybe we will need to create a diferent set of Makefile's targets based on if 
using the "chroot" or "boot" method. I have not run yet the ./clfs script, 
then don't know how that is currently handled.

>    3. The package downloading functions pulls down all patches for a
> specific version. In LFS,BLFS,HLFS this is not an issue but with clfs it
> will pull patches for all the architectures.. i.e. x86 build ends up
> with space/mips..etc patches.. They do not affect the build but the do
> pollute the the SRC_ARCHIVE.. (more a pain in the buttocks than a problem)

For HLFS and the CLFS patches look easy. For CLFS I can't figure yet how to 
solve it, but must be solved ;-)

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