jhalfs experimental BLFS

George Boudreau georgeb at linuxfromscratch.org
Mon Mar 20 11:47:41 PST 2006

   I see you have been very active with the hlfs code.

   Before you get too deep inside clfs we should discuss a few of the 
oddities clfs brings.
   1. The clfs has its own 'extract_commands' function with a crude 
method for extracting patches and packages and generating the build 
scripts.  If possible I would like to reintegrate this custom version 
back into the common_functions file.

   2. The function 'build_makefile' will have to be reworked to handle 
both a 'chroot jail' build as well as a 'boot minimal' style.  The 
method I used in the makefile is miserable and relies on a failure to 
exit the makefile script prematurely.. (bad.. very bad)

   3. The package downloading functions pulls down all patches for a 
specific version. In LFS,BLFS,HLFS this is not an issue but with clfs it 
will pull patches for all the architectures.. i.e. x86 build ends up 
with space/mips..etc patches.. They do not affect the build but the do 
pollute the the SRC_ARCHIVE.. (more a pain in the buttocks than a problem)


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