jhalfs HLFS part: grsec and uClibc-locale

Tor Olav Stava t-ol-sta at online.no
Mon Mar 20 01:51:19 PST 2006


It seems like the uClibc-locale package is now back to *.tgz format on 
the mirrors, and the *.tar.bz2 -> *.tgz hack is no longer needed.
I attached a simple patch to solve this issue.

Another strange thing I noticed, was with the 
grsecurity-2.1.8- It is shown as *.gz in 
the patches file, and downloaded accordingly, but in 
hlfs-commands/chapter07/136-kernel it is referenced as a *.bz2 file.
I've run the ./hlfs script several time with the same result, and 
there's no *.bz2 file in my archive that can confuse the script or the 

Tor Olav

(PS: the Paco patch for experimental-2370 HLFS and LFS part is having 
the final test-run right now :) )
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