jhalfs .. makefile internals

George Boudreau georgeb at linuxfromscratch.org
Fri Mar 17 15:03:52 PST 2006

M.Canales.es wrote:
> El Viernes, 17 de Marzo de 2006 23:31, George Boudreau escribió:
>> Manuel,
>>    This is a design question on the Makefile.
>>    You string many commands together with "&& \" in the makefile. Is
>> there a requirement I am missing or was this just your style. 
> The "&& \" was placed in the original jhalfs code to be sure that the Makefile 
> will bomb with the first failed command.

  What I propose..
   1. No wrt_xxx function will assume it is will be daisy chained from 
previous writes to the makefile.
   2. Internally cmds will execute in series with "&& \" stringing

   This will mean I will need to review every line of code to see how it 
will be affected. A quick glance shows only a few places where I will 
need to touch the code in the individual master.sh files.

> If the error trapping can be handled in a more elegant way, then go for it ;-)
   I don't trust my error trapping 100%.. yet

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