RFC[01] - nZyme C++ code segment

George Boudreau georgeb at linuxfromscratch.org
Wed Mar 15 07:17:09 PST 2006

Hi GeorgeM

   Your code looks great: readable and maintainable (very important to 
us less gifted). I ran the code against a few lfs xml files, and the 
output is organized. Although not what the parser output was meant for, 
I was  able to parse the <userinput>..</userinput>  pair with a 'simple' 
sed script and have a 95% usable bash script.

   I know this question may be unanswerable this early in the 
development cycle but, will it be possible to integrate an output module 
for a package manager(s)? PM's would be a useful tool for BLFS, where 
packages seem to evolve at a faster rate than base system apps (my 
opinion only)

   Keep pounding out the code, I look forward to receiving the next phase.


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