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M.Canales.es manuel at linuxfromscratch.org
Tue Mar 14 10:24:50 PST 2006

El Martes, 14 de Marzo de 2006 14:55, Tor Olav Stava escribió:

> This is mostly meant for your information, and an idea how to make
> things more configurable without having to edit the dump_*.xsl file.
> If you (the developers) think I'm getting too demanding, just feel free
> to ignore me ;)
> (But it would be nice if you told me that you're ignoring me, hehe :) )

I take note of all that request.

But remember that the current BLFS code is only POC developed to see if BLFS 
packages installation could be automatized in some degree, specially in 
relation with dependencies tracking. The generated scripts have several bugs 
for now

> And finally something (hopefully) positive:
> I'm trying to incorporate Paco package manager into the dump_*.xsl
> scripts. Seems like it's gonna be quite easy to pull that one off, so if
> anyone's interested just say so, and I'll put the patch on the list as
> soon as I'm ready. Btw: is this already done by someone else? :)

If you want PACO support, please try to do the work against the jhalfs code 
found in the experimental branch. The code in trunk is in maintenance mode, 
and only for LFS support, and will be overwritten by the experimental code in 
a no very far future.

We will be very happy adding the patch or plugging to the sources as an 
external contribution (the same for other package managements if someone like 
to write it).

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