jhalfs wishlist and questions

Tor Olav Stava t-ol-sta at online.no
Mon Mar 13 02:44:59 PST 2006

First of all, thanks for a wonderful timesaver :)

I've just started playing around with jhalfs, as I'm getting tired of 
editing all the .xml files for nALFS.

I've build HLFS-SVN both uClibc and Glibc versions using jhahlfs without 
any major problems.

However, when I started testing with BLFS, there's some issues. HLFS is 
for the moment based on GCC-3.4.5, so I imagined I should use BLFS-6.1 
as the SVN version targets GCC-4.x. I managed to modify the jhablfs 
script to download version 6.1 of the BLFS book, and it seems to parse 
the commands quite successfully. The only thing I noticed is that all 
the dependencies is missing in the final Makefile. I haven't tried 
running the Makefile yet, as I wanted to ask if there's a simple fix to 
this? Or would the BLFS-SVN version work with GCC-3.4.5 without any 

Another thing I miss from the jhalfs, jhahlfs and jhablfs scripts is the 
option of using 'cp' for 'downloading' the source packages. I've got a 
big repository of files in a NFS mounted directory, and want to save 
myself from unessesary downloads. I can supply a patch for the jhalfs 
and jhahlfs scripts to manage this, but I'm stomped at the jhablfs 
script, as it seems to parse all the download commands directly from the 

Basically what I wish, is to set a SOURCE dir in the .conf file, have 
jhalfs copy packages from there, and only download is the package don't 

I can try to make this work on my own, but I need some pointers to where 
the action takes place. And as stated previously, I already got the 'cp' 
instead of 'wget' to work with jhahlfs. Would be easy to make it work 
for jhalfs, but I haven't tested. The big problem is jhablfs where I 
could need some help.

Tor Olav

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