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On 3/9/06, M.Canales.es <manuel at linuxfromscratch.org> wrote:
> Now, I have a dude, in part due that I don't know yet how work ICA/farce. When
> rebuilding chapter6 for personal purposes, the packages are installed op-top
> of the previous ones and not using the binaries on /tools at all. All files
> are overwritten by the new compiled ones.
> For ICA/parse, where/how each iteration is installed to be sure that the final
> product isn't a mess of files from each rebuild?

This is how I do it, and gsbuild does something similar if I remember correctly.

The binaries are installed one on top of the other in the / system. 
However, at the end of each iteration, a copy of the relevant
directories is put in a temporary location for later analysis.  This
requires a lot of space since if you did 2 build iterations, you'd
have essentially 3 copies of the system:
The actual final system in /
The iter1 system in /some_temp_dir/iter1
The iter2 (same as final) system in /some_temp_dir/iter2

One other thing is that /tools/bin (or whatever you call /tools) is
removed from the PATH for any ITER>1.  It should be unnecessary at
this point and would identify any serious flaws in your system.

I should have just done this the first time, but I'm attaching the
actual functions file I source in my scripts.  There is a bit more
housekeeping in the top level build script for changing the location
of the LOGDIR, STAMPDIR and anything else you don't want to clobber,
but I think you'll get the idea.  Hopefully you don't get too bogged
down by unreferenced function names and parameters.

do_(ica|farce)_prep is called at the end of the iteration.  This first
calls do_ica_files which copies the files to the temp location.  Then
all the stripping, etc. is done.  After all the iterations are done, a
for loop counting ITER up to ITERATIONS calls do_(ica|farce)_work on
ITER and ITER+1 to do the actual diffing on the temporary locations.

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