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Thu Mar 9 06:39:55 PST 2006

Thank you very much. My original idea was to have everything bash - based (XML from the entire LFS book can be parsed by an out of the box in about 1.30 min in 
a working prototype i have for now left aside since we all want a binary based approach). Any work on the bash methods is useful because in the end, whatever 
"parsing" method you use for extracting critical data, what you will end up to is a nice bash script for building everything.

My working desktop  / server is based entirely on LFS know how for its core, but it is rpmized, and well, many GB worth of space in the HDD... Since i do get 
carried away from the official books when for production use.

I think that Jeremy will be glad to have your support / ideas / concepts in this collective effort.

George Makrydakis


NOTE: eventually the same know how could be ported to build something like Solaris from Scratch (sfs)? Who knows...

Paul Estep wrote:
> Clemens Haupt wrote:  >/ Hallo Everybody Here!  />/   />/ For just having a look at these ?xml things I wonder if there is  />/ anyone using bashscripts with whom I can compare mine ones.  />/   />/ Kind Regards  />/ Clemens/
> I have been working on a booklet/hint on how to create an automated BASH 
> script to build a LFS system. The booklet is incomplete but the BASH script 
> should work with your own configuration modifications.
> I also included an extreme example of my projects BASH script (pktvafs) 
> using the concept. It also builds several BLFS packages, sshd, Xorg, 
> mozilla, apache, php, gtk2, and more.
> I put together a web page to explain the concept.
> This is all in a rough draft stage. There are problems and errors I haven't 
> corrected.
>  But it should give anyone interested in it a idea of my direction.
> To all that look at it. Please comment.
> I'm interested in:
> 1. This is way too much why didn't you just create a hint. I know but I had fun 
> in fooling around figuring out the DocBook stuff. If you think this would be better 
> as a LFS hint please say so. My intention was to either dump this to a text file 
> and submit it as a hint or to write a hint giving an overview and a link to the 
> booklet. What do you think is best?
> 2. The structure/outline of the booklet. My goal is to keep to the structure of 
> the LFS book. However, it seems to be a difficult fit. I was wondering if I should 
> just drop this goal and go with a more natural fit?
> 3. In the booklet I request that comments be made to this mailing list. Is there a 
> better mailing list to post comments too or should I just take this out of the 
> booklet?
> Paul Estep

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