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Sun Mar 5 07:35:57 PST 2006

Clemens Haupt wrote:  > Hallo Everybody Here!  >   > For just having a look at these ?xml things I wonder if there is  > anyone using bashscripts with whom I can compare mine ones.  >   > Kind Regards  > Clemens

I have been working on a booklet/hint on how to create an automated BASH 
script to build a LFS system. The booklet is incomplete but the BASH script 
should work with your own configuration modifications.

I also included an extreme example of my projects BASH script (pktvafs) 
using the concept. It also builds several BLFS packages, sshd, Xorg, 
mozilla, apache, php, gtk2, and more.

I put together a web page to explain the concept.

This is all in a rough draft stage. There are problems and errors I haven't 
corrected. But it should give anyone interested in it a idea of my direction.

To all that look at it. Please comment.

I'm interested in:

1. This is way too much why didn't you just create a hint. I know but I had fun 
in fooling around figuring out the DocBook stuff. If you think this would be better 
as a LFS hint please say so. My intention was to either dump this to a text file 
and submit it as a hint or to write a hint giving an overview and a link to the 
booklet. What do you think is best?

2. The structure/outline of the booklet. My goal is to keep to the structure of 
the LFS book. However, it seems to be a difficult fit. I was wondering if I should 
just drop this goal and go with a more natural fit?

3. In the booklet I request that comments be made to this mailing list. Is there a 
better mailing list to post comments too or should I just take this out of the 

Paul Estep

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