[RFC] The Future of the ALFS project

Jeremy Huntwork jhuntwork at linuxfromscratch.org
Fri Mar 3 04:38:14 PST 2006

Jean Charles Passard wrote:
> In this way, I want to participate. I have some experience in 
> developpement (C, asm, pascal, php, perl)

Sure, we'd be happy to have your help. :) Follow the discussions, the 
commits (as shown on the alfs-log list) and submit patches/code where 
you can.

> But I haven't developp for a long time then I am not at easy to start 
> that kind of developemnt alone from scratch.

Indeed. Which is why it's been taking us some time.

> But I can help in debugging and test, and of course to make some profiles.
> My firm will surely participate too (if she will have enough 
> possibilities). We have some test hardware, et some customers that
> could be beta testers. We are thinking too to employ a real developper 
> til this end of year.

Heh, I could use a new job... though if you're looking for a *real 
developer* I'm sure I'm not the guy you want as I'm still learning as I 
go. ;) Anyway, it would be cool having a whole firm back us up, at least 
via testing.

> When reading this text, you have surely guessed that english is not my 
> language, then I apologize if some sentences are not clear ;)

I understood you just fine. Thanks for the feedback and looking forward 
to the help. :)


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