[RFC] The Future of the ALFS project

Jean Charles Passard Jean-Charles.Passard at provectio.org
Fri Mar 3 02:39:01 PST 2006


I am a fervent user of LFS since its beginning (I have almost done all 
versions) and
a truly convinced user of nALFS. I would thanks all people how have 
worked on those projects
they gave me the opportunity to create my own great job.

For my needs ( and for my customer's needs), I have followed my own way 
instead of following the LFS strictly, and I have created
my own profiles. Especially for the blfs part ( In fact, I don't really 
agree with where the packages are installed)

Then, I have now a great bunch of profiles (mail servers, ldap, filers, 
utilities ...) that I and my team used all the day long.
But, now this méthod reaches its limits. It's becoming harder to manage 
the servers We have deployed and to maintain them up to date
( For information, we have deployed more than 100 servers and customers 
demands are speeding up).
Then I think it's time for us to bring our stone to the building ( 
before the wall we have already build fall on our heads ;)

My work time is today split between exploitation and team management, 
but I will slide toward more developpement this year.
That will be probably a few hours per month at first, but it's just the 
beginning :)

Here's what I dream about the new ALFS :

    - Base fonctionnalities of nALFS :
        - Short scripts, easy to undertand and to maintain.
        - Easy to move one scripts from the main branch to another one

    - Configuration fonctionnalities for the systems that are installed
        - network parameters
        - Daemons parameters (samba, bind, ...)

    - Packagings functionnalities
        - dependancies
        - Uninstallation
        - update
        - Devel or no devel package
    - Some server management functionnalities
        - Backup of installation/building parameters
        - deployement / update of packages
        - backup of running parameters

In this way, I want to participate. I have some experience in 
developpement (C, asm, pascal, php, perl)
But I haven't developp for a long time then I am not at easy to start 
that kind of developemnt alone from scratch.
But I can help in debugging and test, and of course to make some profiles.
My firm will surely participate too (if she will have enough 
possibilities). We have some test hardware, et some customers that
could be beta testers. We are thinking too to employ a real developper 
til this end of year.

When reading this text, you have surely guessed that english is not my 
language, then I apologize if some sentences are not clear ;)


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