jhalfs & package.xsl

David Mascall lfs at mascall.net
Wed Jun 21 09:33:06 PDT 2006

George Boudreau wrote:
> Manuel,
>  I have integrated you package extraction xsl file into jhalfs. This 
> turned out to be a much larger job than I had expected. I have tested 
> the modifications with lfs and hlfs but have not done a full build of 
> clfs x86 (the only arch I can work with).
>  I will upload the mods this evening..

I have just kicked off a build of svn clfs x86 with latest svn jhalfs

It threw out this message at the start

Creating Makefile... START
        Processing... <host prep files>
        Processing... <cross tools>
        Processing... <temp system>
        Processing... <chroot>
        Processing... <(chroot) testsuite tools>
grep: /mnt/lfs/jhalfs/my_packages: No such file or directory
        Processing... <(chroot) final system>
        Processing... <(chroot) bootscripts>
        Processing... <(chroot) make bootable>
Creating Makefile... DONE

Is the my_packages file something important ?

Actual build is running ok so far


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