nALFS and problem unmounting /dev

Dermot Bradley bradley at
Wed Jan 18 11:05:26 PST 2006

> I believe udevd is still hanging around..
>   try   fuser $LFS or $LFS/dev  and see who is using the directory/.

The only "udevd" running is that of my build platform (Debian unstable)
which starts when I reboot and mount *PROPER* /dev.

When I run my nALFS profile /mythfe/dev gets created and, with a chroot
inside "/mythfe/" then udevstart is run.

lsof and fuser both show the pid of the udevd from Debian ("/sbin/udevd
--daemon") using the /mythfe/dev/ any ideas how it get it
to release this? If I kill the udevd won't this affect the Debian /dev/
filesystem as well?

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