Some of my work in a modular alfs-like software.

Carlos Eduardo de Brito Novaes carlosnov at
Thu Jan 12 01:16:30 PST 2006

> Where can we get a look at your source code? The project sounds
> promising and I'm sure that there are people around here that would
> love to help.

Sorry for being late, i was trying to get and then understand how to 
upload to sourceforge. Well, after this while I got it. The code are 
in: on the Files Section.

There are very much to be done, but i think i must consolidate de design 
of the core elements before coding anything else. It onlu proved me 
that the basic idea should work.

The README contains some information about the code. Hope it is clear.

I got some real life (and annoyng)  work to be done by now, but I will 
try to post something in the next days.

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