[RFC] The Future of the ALFS project

Thomas Pegg thomasp at linuxfromscratch.org
Mon Feb 27 16:54:40 PST 2006

I'm throwing this out to the ALFS community to see where is it we should 
be going or doing with the ALFS project.

The way I see it being nALFS/XML Profiles (not to mention the profiles a 
re very not up to date, I've had very little time with the way work has 
been lately) are becoming obsolete, jhalfs is becoming a good 
replacement, and doesn't require as much maintenance (a good plus). The 
new alfs tool is seeming to become a dead app, unless someone can kick 
start it into high gear, I don't have the energy much less the time to 
try and do coding on it, otherwise I would do some myself.

What do you the community think??


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