File was saved in DOS format (lol)

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Mon Feb 20 12:14:33 PST 2006 wrote:
> El Lunes, 20 de Febrero de 2006 20:07, George Makrydakis escribió:
>> I was working on another project using Eclipse... Saved automatically in
>> DOS format before compression by mistake. Resending the bzipped tarball
>> again. Try using the one posted on the list as a text message, it will work
>> also :)
> Notes (I'm not sure if you are aware about that issues):
> .- The output is very nice and fast ;-)
> .- Due that {screen} tags has been removed, look to me that to skip the 
> unwanted {userinput} blocks via the x2sh parser could be hard (i.e., all 
> inline {userinput}s, except the "make {check,test}" ones, that must be 
> retained only when the user want to run the testsuites)
> .- By the same reason, the "nodump" attributes, used to blacklist {screen} 
> blocks that don't must be run, has been lost.
>> PS: no one on the channel to discuss about this?
> I hate IRC.

Yes, I am aware of the issues involved! The genXML part was thought of as boosting the entire process, by providing a way to concentrate on a specific "element" 
required when parsing the book. The same "concept" can be ported to xi:include tags and the directional xpointer "attributes". I very much appreciate your 
acceptance of my pre - work. I am making genXML to be attribute - aware on the element it searches for. This means that you will be able to substitute _isVAR 
with "screen" instead of "userinput" and get what you need (with its attributes like nodump ecc). Once genXML is attribute - aware, it will be used 1. as a way 
to speed up x2sh parsing and 2. for xi:include stuff as you asked (more can be done, but those two are nice examples). Some time ago I talked to you about 
having tables in bash.

In attachment I give ya a "snapshot" of my continuously evolving x2sh source, non fully functional, but working (slow, slow...). Checkout the screen output and 
you will start getting the idea. The snapshot is not the current one (current is broken into pieces, depending on how the genXML proceeds...). Remember it is a 
_DEMO_ script, unoptimized (for the time being...). requires its contents to be placed in the book root...

Thank you ( Manuel | George B )


PS: I am not that IRC - popular / fan myself :)
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