File was saved in DOS format (lol) manuel at
Mon Feb 20 11:38:55 PST 2006

El Lunes, 20 de Febrero de 2006 20:07, George Makrydakis escribió:
> I was working on another project using Eclipse... Saved automatically in
> DOS format before compression by mistake. Resending the bzipped tarball
> again. Try using the one posted on the list as a text message, it will work
> also :)

Notes (I'm not sure if you are aware about that issues):

.- The output is very nice and fast ;-)

.- Due that {screen} tags has been removed, look to me that to skip the 
unwanted {userinput} blocks via the x2sh parser could be hard (i.e., all 
inline {userinput}s, except the "make {check,test}" ones, that must be 
retained only when the user want to run the testsuites)

.- By the same reason, the "nodump" attributes, used to blacklist {screen} 
blocks that don't must be run, has been lost.

> PS: no one on the channel to discuss about this?

I hate IRC.

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