x2sh "roadmap"

M.Canales.es manuel at linuxfromscratch.org
Tue Feb 14 10:21:11 PST 2006

El Martes, 14 de Febrero de 2006 13:20, George Makrydakis escribió:
> Thank you for your comments and support to this work. This week will not be
> very productive because of #reallife demands. I have to make a full
> presentation of what the code does, but as some of you may suspect, the
> most efficient part of it is one: it can parse any XML document and store
> it in a table - like structure. For that fact, XPath/XQuery like quests are
> to be made by algos against that table like structure. I will be working
> again on improving and modularizing it this weekend, next week's post will
> probably include such features + working independently of the XML file (not
> only for ch6 glibc).

Thank you for doing that big work.

We are waiting your news in the hope to can use that x2sh parser for the next 
jhalfs full-rewrite that we are planning.

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