masterscript config files.

George Boudreau georgeb at
Sat Feb 11 11:40:52 PST 2006

   The attached file contains the config files for lfs,hlfs,clfs,blfs 
and the masterscript. The grouping of configurable parameters is as I 
see them and not carved in stone. Some duplication of config parameters 
was done to allow for differences between books.
   For the moment I am going to remove the pkg download function from 
the masterscript. There are 2 if not 3 different package entity styles 
and I will wait and see a standard emerges.

   progress so far..
   . cleaned up the 'colour' issue when using black/white xterm
   . common functions extracted to common-function.module
   . masterscript with module loading, parameter validation and module 
   . lfs module 11k  done?             bootable partition on 20060209
   . hlfs module 23k  done (but ugly)  bootable partition on 20060210
   . blfs module 2.3k working?
   . clfs module 46k  work in progress (winner of the ugly code contest)
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