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El Viernes, 10 de Febrero de 2006 04:53, escribió:

>    Manuel,
>   Would 'wget' and 'sudo' be the absolute minimum required to bootstrap
> BLFS inside a fresh LFS build?

I think that the minimun are "sudo" and a text browser.

"sudo" due that actually is need to have available "sudo" before to run the 
generated BLFS scripts.

A text browser is needed due that the user must be able to can read the BLFS 
book before install any BLFS package to can decide if the default 
commands/configurations are good for their system or need some customization. 
I think that Links would be the best option, due that is a plain CMMI.

"wget" is useful only if the fresh LFS system is ready to connect to Internet. 
I.e., if the user have a ethernet connection that don't depend on other 
packages (ppp, dhcp, etc.)

"gpm" isn't required, but could be nice to have it available from the 

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