jhablfs Makefile dependencies

Ivor Hewitt ivor at ivor.org
Wed Feb 1 07:32:20 PST 2006

Just started playing with jhablfs (done two successful jhalfs builds so 
far... magic! Many thanks)

and I was curious, at the moment the generated makefile doesn't seem 
able to cope with 'alternative' dependencies (apart from a few other 
niggles I'll submit patches for later).

For example:
	imagemagick:    xfree86  xorg

Isn't an ideal situation. Are alternative package choices defined in the 
source xml or do these need hand defining somewhere?
Would the ideal solution be that automatic dependencies don't get 
fulfilled where there exist alternatives (perhaps a hyrbrid target 
"xfree86-xorg" that produces an error when invoked) but building either 
of the xorg or xfree86 targets would then satisfy this dependency and 
create a hybrid xfree86-xorg file.

Are there any other 'alternative' dependencies in the blfs book other 
than the obvious xorg/xfree?



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