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M.Canales.es macana at macana-es.com
Tue Dec 5 09:44:22 PST 2006

El Martes, 5 de Diciembre de 2006 17:59, George Boudreau escribió:

>    I have a clfs-embedded (clfs3) build running now. I will check CLFS &
> CLFS2 later today.

CLFS-svn support is broken for sure, I think.

>    I don't know what to do with that book. There are 2 different build
> methods, the 2.4 branch and the normal trunk. I have done some work but
> it is not fit to commit yet. I will tackle this book later, hopefully
> next week.

At first glance to add support for 2.4 branch inside current HLFS code don't 
looks very hard. I will see at that after releasing 2.1.

What I would know for 2.1 is if the SVN HLFS book can be builded or is still 

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