/tools References in Binaries [Was Re: new makefile.]

Greg Schafer gschafer at zip.com.au
Wed Aug 30 17:52:44 PDT 2006

Dan Nicholson wrote:

> So, there's a reference to the internal gcc include dir from /tools in
> the debugging information. IIRC, that happens with the way the
> toolchain get's built. It may be because the LFS toolchain adjustment
> doesn't do anything to the include dir path. I'm not sure. I CC'd
> Greg. Maybe he remembers more. Unfortunately, all my binaries seem to
> be stripped, so I can't see what's in their debugging sections.
> Greg, is this normal for the debugging info on the first pass, or is
> this a bug in LFS/JHALFS?

I'm not certain but I'd guess it's not a bug in LFS/JHALFS. You're
right that the GCC used to compile module-init-tools shouldn't know
anything about /tools. However..

I just tried to reproduce it here and indeed, some weird stuff does appear
in that .debug_line ELF section. I see references to
glibc-build/csu..crti.S which suggests that some debugging cruft is
retained in the Glibc startfiles that get linked into every executable.
Remember that Glibc is compiled by the GCC in /tools. I'd say this
explains it.

IMHO it just confirms what we already know ie: debugging cruft should be
stripped out before performing ICA style byte-for-byte diffs.


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