Strange action when testing blfs_tool

George Boudreau georgeb at
Tue Aug 29 19:06:59 PDT 2006

Greg Schafer wrote:
> George Boudreau wrote:
>>   This is a head scratcher if you have never seen it before.
> Hi George
> I've hit this exact same problem in gsbuild due to the way I handle the
> scriptlets. If I need a conditional on the last line of a scriptlet, I
> work around it by using an if/then instead of a &&. I'm sure this
> behavior must be documented in the bash manual somewhere.. but buggered if
> I can find it :-(  Some quirkiness due to curly braces methinks..
>>   [[ ${V} = "y" ]] && func2
> replace that line with
> if [[ ${V} = "y" ]]; then func2; fi
> and it'll do what you want.
   Hey Grep,
    Yep.. that would be the 'standard' conditional format. Taking a 
shortcut sometimes takes longer  :-)  The addition of a bash 'noop' will 
also satisfy bash's interpreter parser.

   (how's your new toy..?)
> Regards
> Greg

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