new makefile.

George Boudreau georgeb at
Tue Aug 29 06:44:34 PDT 2006


   The new makefile scheme will be delayed for a while. After I ran the 
ICA tests last night I found the shell path, /tools/bin/sh, was hard 
coded into many scripts. (This is not right) To get around this problem 
I made a change to how I recursively call make (see below) and did a 
simple LFS build. (Who knew ICA was so useful)

   Problems still remain as I see references to 
/tools/lib/gcc.....(debug symbols) inside the executables. I am trying 
to find out if these artifacts also exist in the original code (1.0). 
This may be normal as I did not see any comments in the lists..


# The convoluted piece of code below is necessary to provide 'make' with 
a valid shell in the chroot environment. (Unless someone knows a
# different way)
# 1.Manually create /bin directory and provide link to the /tools dir.
# 2.Change original symlink cmds to include (f)orce to prevent failure
# due to pre-existing links.
mk_CHROOT: mk_LUSER 057-changingowner 059-kernfs
   @mkdir $(MOUNT_PT)/bin && \
   cd $(MOUNT_PT)/bin && \
   ln -sf /tools/bin/bash bash; ln -sf bash sh
   @sed -e 's|^ln -sv|ln -svf|' -i $(CMDSDIR)/chapter06/063-createfiles
   @$(call echo_CHROOT_request)
   @( sudo $(CHROOT1) "cd $(SCRIPT_ROOT) && make CHROOT")
   @touch $@

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