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Mon Aug 28 12:41:15 PDT 2006

El Lunes, 28 de Agosto de 2006 21:20, George Boudreau escribió:

>    I am doing a final pass for the LFS book with ICA enabled. I found
> some problems with the ICA/farce scripts that exist in both trunk and
> the experimental branch that I have not fixed yet.
>    When we adopted the 'logs/$@' convention the impact on ICA/farce code
> was overlooked. Right now ICA/farce is broken in the trunk (and 1.0?).

That change was not committed to 1.0 branch. 

About trunk, some breackage on additional features is unaviodable. We can't be 
quiet making changes to the code ;-)

>    I think you should commit all your blfs tools before I add my latest
> batch of bug riddled code. The new makefile format does not add any new
> features and is only an internal style change. I am modifying/replacing
> every wrt_xxxx function and making many changes to each xLFS/
>   I have a free evening and will make the necessary changes to trunk to
> fix the ICA problem.

Ok. I will finish the blfs-tool support code, except the required changes in 
Makefile creation, to don't conflict with your code. Then I will sync trunk 
with experimental.

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