new makefile scheme..

George Boudreau georgeb at
Sat Aug 26 09:17:54 PDT 2006


3 out of 4 problems solved.

..  ignore the $MAKE issue, not a problem only a style issue
..  pass SHELL=/tools/bin/sh inline.. (obvious in the light of day)
..  make changingowner & kernfs dependencies before entering the chroot 
environment ( only works if you originally issued >> sudo make

mk_CHROOT: mk_LUSER 057-changingowner 059-kernfs
   @$(call echo_CHROOT_request)
   @( sudo $(CHROOT1) "cd $(SCRIPT_ROOT) && make SHELL=/tools/bin/sh 
   @touch $@

.. I still have no method for making progress_bar run without fuser. 
Ideas anyone???

   off for a coffee, G

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