jhalfs-x: new Makefile scheme, update

George Boudreau georgeb at linuxfromscratch.org
Sat Aug 26 06:37:24 PDT 2006

M.Canales.es wrote:
> El Sábado, 26 de Agosto de 2006 15:00, George Boudreau escribió:
>> Manuel,
>>    I see you are having fun deleting all the hard work on the cmdline
>> interface and config files, we are fickle programmers.
> New ideas, new code from scratch ;-)
> Remain yet to clean-up func_validate_config. Several chunks of very nice code 
> that now has been made obsolete by menuconfig should be deleted ...
   Should keep that code some place safe, it may have some use in the 
>>    Work continues but don't expect this change to be solid for a long time.
> Not  good new :-/
> Looks that that migration might be most hard to do than what we was thinking.
   A fresh cup of coffee and I have a few ideas left that may allow me 
to keep it clean.

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