jhalfs-x: new Makefile scheme, update

George Boudreau georgeb at linuxfromscratch.org
Sat Aug 26 06:00:12 PDT 2006

   I see you are having fun deleting all the hard work on the cmdline 
interface and config files, we are fickle programmers.

   Using LFS as a starting point, new makefile Status::  ugly, very ugly.

   The SETUP phase was easy to isolate and run as root via su.

   The LUSER phase is much uglier. We must know the password to the 
LUSER account to be able to login (obviously). We have been getting 
around this in the old original makefile by executing <sudo make>
    By su'ing to LUSER we pick up .bashrc and only need to source envars 
for each package. However we loose our ability to track install size. (a 
priv issue I may be able to fix).

   The CHROOT phase is causing problems.
   1 Must call make directly instead of using $MAKE (poor programming)
   2 Make looks for its shell in /bin/sh which does not exist in the 
chroot env (Hackish workaround, SHELL= /tools/bin/sh).
   3 Chapter6/055-kernfs cannot be run from the chroot env because it 
binds to the host /dev.  (haven't fixed this one yet)
   4 progress_bar.sh does not work in the chroot env fuser has not been 
created yet. (really miss this one)

   The BOOT phase... not there yet.

   Work continues but don't expect this change to be solid for a long time.


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