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Mon Aug 21 12:35:24 PDT 2006

El Lunes, 21 de Agosto de 2006 21:15, George Boudreau escribió:

>    When I wrote the original gen_makefile we did not have a config file
> and  therefore many of my vars ended up hardcoded in the files. Final
> location is unimportant as long as it is persistent between reboots (not
> tmp) and visible to the code.

It will be set like BLFS_XML, i.,e., the value is configured in the 
installation menuconfig,  then a sed command in ./blfs set the value 
in ./, that will create a "TRACKING_DIR=/selected/path" in 
configuration file.

That implies that ./ will need to source also configuration, 
but that can allow to set more common settings with ./, if any, 
into configuration file.

>    I have put some time into a simple parser for the configuration file.
> (I _cannot_ be 'sourced' as we currently do with the main configuration
> file because I use package names appended to CONFIG_ and some names have
> "hypens" in them) .. Is there any specific feature would like me to
> include?

No, asking only due that that is was remain to have working the menuconfig and 
will could allow to remove the command line parsing from ./ ;-)

After having the TRAKING_DIR change ready I will see how to add the installed 
version to the updated packages into

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