George Boudreau georgeb at
Mon Aug 21 12:15:42 PDT 2006 wrote:
> Hi George,
> At this moment we have TRACKING_DIR value hardcoded in several places.
> I will try to avoid that using a similar solution than for BLFS_XML, but I was 
> thinking also on doing it configurable setting for those that don't 
> want/can't have that database under /var/lib/
> What do you think?
   When I wrote the original gen_makefile we did not have a config file 
and  therefore many of my vars ended up hardcoded in the files. Final 
location is unimportant as long as it is persistent between reboots (not 
tmp) and visible to the code.
> PS: Are you working on the configure parser?
   I have put some time into a simple parser for the configuration file. 
(I _cannot_ be 'sourced' as we currently do with the main configuration 
file because I use package names appended to CONFIG_ and some names have 
"hypens" in them) .. Is there any specific feature would like me to include?

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