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Thu Aug 17 12:16:55 PDT 2006

El Jueves, 17 de Agosto de 2006 21:03, David Barron escribió:
> I'm running jhalfs on two machines and on both I got an error on autoconf
> in chapter 6.  I'll attach the log.
> I got around the problem on both machines by issuing the chroot command and
> running make and make install manually.

Eneter to the chroot using the commands in the book. Be sure that the virtual 
filesystem are mounted.

cd to /sources, remove the autoconf-2.60/ dir and unpack the autoconf package.

cd to  autoconf-2.60/ and run the ./configure command found in the book. 

If all go well, then may be is a bug in jhalfs. Send us the 082-autoconf build 
script and the Makefile.

If it fails also, then you will need to ask in lfs-support.

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