About packagemanager Trip.

Stef Bon stef at bononline.tk
Thu Aug 17 09:18:14 PDT 2006


There are some questions about a packagemanager.
I would like to say I'm busy experimenting with Trip, which is based
on the use of unionfs and a chrooted environment to install packages.

There is a hint about it, it's a better approach then the one PACO has IMHO.

With Trip you create a sort of cache between the real (=target) filesystem
and the buildenvironment. Files installed are not installed directly on the
targetfilesystem, but reside on a filesystem of your choice. With a single
command you can "sync" the cache and let all files/directories installed on
the target filesystem. It's possible to keep track of every file
installed, and in combination with important information about the package
you're installing (version, name etc) you're able to store information
about installed packages and their files.

The writer of the hint, Pierre Hebert is writing a new version at the

Stef Bon

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