./blfs-parser problems

Michiel Faber fabermichiel at planet.nl
Mon Aug 14 16:55:19 PDT 2006

M.Canales.es schreef:
> At this moment, the required packages are: 
> svn to get/update the BLFS book XML sources 
> libxml and libxslt to parse the XML files
> a web browser to read the generated book
> wget to fetch the packages and patches
> sudo to build as normal user
> But actually only wget need be instaled into the chroot if you are building 
> yet from the host. You can run the jhalfs scripts from the host and enter to 
> the chroot only to run the generated Makefile.

Even when i run it from the host, or i install svn, libxml, libxslt and 
wget on my lfs system, i don't get the two dirs named HTML and scripts.

I started all over again. Removed the jhalfs directory. Downloaded 
jhalfs from svn. "cd" to jhalfs. Run "make". Choose blfs as book, set 
the 'root' dir and saved the file. Everything ok.
I changed to the "blfs" dir (my 'root' dir).

Typed "./blfs-parser xorg7 3 n" and al dependencies where visible on 
screen. Also in the generated files.

But i had no HTML and scripts dir.
So there must be something wrong, but what? And how to solve it?

On my host, i have subversion, libxml, libxslt, sudo, wget and firefox 


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