BLFS support

Stef Bon stef at
Sun Aug 13 12:07:13 PDT 2006 wrote:

> HI,
> BLFS support is working now, but not bug free ;-)
> A functional ./blfs script (lack yet of the configs validation code) has
> been created. It full depend on menuconfig.
> There is also a basic README.BLFS with usage instructions for thats that
> want to start playing with.
> There is yet several scripts/Makefile generation issues that need be fixed
> if possible. We will try to documment the unfixable ones.
> Comments, sugestions, bugs reports and patches will be very welcome.
> George, I will try to make the book parser process based in your
> script, the current generated looks very nice ;-)

I Like this menu very much. It's a very good idea this menu!

It looks a lot like the menu from configuring the kernel. 

I have some idea's to automate the building of BLFS.
I'm trying and testing this menu now, to look how far I can come. 

Where can I find some documentation to see how jhalfs works?

I have some vague idea's how it works (like the parsing of the BLFS book en
extracting the commands) but where can I find more information?


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