jhallfs-X, internal changes

M.Canales.es manuel at linuxfromscratch.org
Sun Aug 13 07:57:15 PDT 2006

El Sábado, 12 de Agosto de 2006 19:02, George Boudreau escribió:

>    I have stopped 'playing' with the code (for now) and will get back to
> work on the new makefile style.


>    I see you have been rearranging BLFS code. (glad you liked the
> recursion monitoring text) 

Yes, is very nice.

> There are so many variables in the BLFS book 
> that creating a bug free product will take time. 

Maybe never will be full bug free. It's near to impossible to can test all 
possible packages build order, dependencies levels, etc.

> The makefile generator 
> did produce a valid make script for a few small projects but I never
> tried to build X or anything large. A full exercise needs a separate
> partition with a fresh LFS build.

I think that Xorg7 build scripts generation could not be automatized. How can 
the patches be applied, for example?

The same may be true for a few other packages. We can try to do our best, but 
we are limited by how BLFS is designed.

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