Optimisation in jhalfs-1.0 doing LFS-6.2

Stef Bon stef at bononline.tk
Sat Aug 12 08:32:41 PDT 2006


I've just build a new LFS system, version 6.2.

Great great great work! Went very smoothly!

One thing only I've found:

the package db-man-2.4.3 can not handle the optimisation I've used the
standard flags:

CFLAGS="-O3 -pipe"

adjusting the 102-man-db for this package by inserting 

unset CFLAGS

was enough. (I did not want to go back to the fase when the whole makefile
and other files are created: then I had to build the whole system over
again probably). I know that with optimisation problems may occur, and not
considered as an error, but I'm reporting it anyway.

Futher the function 

make restart 

which I had to use works very well, only I had to unmount the virtual
filesystems by hand. But this has been reported already.


PS I'm working on the packagemanager trip (there is a hint about it. Very
good ! A better sollution than paco or any other LD_PRELOAD sollution)

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