jhalfs-X code compression.

George Boudreau georgeb at linuxfromscratch.org
Tue Aug 8 17:23:32 PDT 2006

   This is the result of an early attempt at reducing the size of the 
output Makefile. It went from 117k to ~36k using a combination of cmd 
define/endef in makefile-functions and using Dan's variable scheme. I 
have only applied these mods to CLFS2 but will move into the other books 

031-linux-headers:  028-creating-sysfile
   @$(call echo_message, Building)
   @./progress_bar.sh $@ &
  echo -e "\n`date`\n\nKB: `du -skx --exclude=jhalfs $(MOUNT_PT)`\n" 
   @$(call remove_existing_dir, linux-headers- )
   @$(call unpack, linux-headers- )
   @$(call get_pkg_root )
   @( time { $(SU_LUSER) "source $(LUSER_HOME)/.bashrc && 
$(CMDSDIR)/cross-tools/$@" >> logs/$@ 2>&1; } ) 2>> logs/$@ && \
$(PRT_DU) >> logs/$@
   @$(call remove_build_dirs,linux-headers)
   @$(call housekeeping)

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