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Mon Aug 7 11:00:29 PDT 2006

El Lunes, 7 de Agosto de 2006 19:52, George Boudreau escribió:

>    I like the ideas you put forth, it does compress the cmd string
> nicely. I will spend the next week working on code compression in both
> the output Makefile as well as common-functions.

See my post in the "jhalfs: why su - (user)" thread.

The implementation of something like that could be a very good opportunity to 
make the code clean-up.

>    Manuel, I do not think we need an 'official' announcement on the
> feature freeze as there are very little interest/suggestions coming from
> the mailing list. If we receive a request we could make a general
> statement about the freeze at that point.

Well, with this comment the features freeze is already announced ;-)

>   A general note.. I wrote a generator for BLFS. It creates a
> fully populated config file from the packages files. I don't know if
> this will be useful for BLFS and I may keep it as a testing tool. (I am
> still looking at BLFS, Manuel :-) )


I will take another look/test at $LUSER and menuconfig code before go back to 

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