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Mon Aug 7 10:49:22 PDT 2006

El Sábado, 5 de Agosto de 2006 02:11, George Boudreau escribió:
> Dan Nicholson wrote:

> > Here's a thought that spawned in my mind from gsbuild. You could
> > implement a target that switches user to run make again for only the
> > unprivileged parts.  Something like this:
> >
> > temp-tools: chapter02 chapter03 chapter04
> >    su - $(LUSER) "make chapter05"
>    I may try something later in the week/month.

Thinking on that, wy not to dump the targets that must be run by $LUSER on a 
separate Makefile.luser file?

The target in the master Makefile could look like (for LFS):

chapter5:  chapter4
       @su - $(LUSER) -c "make -f Makefile.luser"    
 @touch  $@ && \
 echo -e "\n\n "$(BOLD)Target $(BLUE)$@ $(BOLD)OK && \

That will implies very big changes in the current code, but could allow us to 
remove several functions (we could try to use the same ones for luser and 
root) and will be a more "by the book" build.

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