Tarball of older LFS

Randy McMurchy lfs-user at mcmurchy.com
Thu Aug 3 14:06:52 PDT 2006

Bruce Dubbs wrote these words on 08/03/06 15:57 CST:
> On 8/3/06, Elliott Jeyaseelan <guru at iaw.com> wrote:
>>>> http://archive.linuxfromscratch.org/lfs-museum/
>> Has the actual older book which I am aware of, but where do I find the
>> actuall (older) source files that this book uses to build the LFS system?
> In the XML, e,g  LFS-BOOK-5.0-XML.tar.bz2

You can get the versions much easier than that by simply looking
at the TOC of the online-copy. I think what the OP is looking for is
how to download the source tarballs, as many of them aren't available
any longer from the maintainers.


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