jhalfs-X && BLFS work.

M.Canales.es manuel at linuxfromscratch.org
Tue Aug 1 13:59:55 PDT 2006

El Martes, 1 de Agosto de 2006 22:19, George Boudreau escribió:
> Manual,
>    I have competed the final touch ups to the new HLFS scripts and the

Please, port that HLFS fixes to trunk and 1.0 branch.

At this momment, only menuconfig should be developed on the experimental 
branch (I'm now trying to learn the Config.in sintax) until be sure that it 
play nice. Maybe we could to merge it to trunk in 1-2 weeks

HLFS fixes and the stand-alone BLFS code should be made in trunk and ported to 
experimental and/or 1.0 when required. jhalfs-1.0 will work for LFS-6.2, but 
for CLFS-1.0 we will need to release jhalfs-1.1 with the fix to the "compile 
the keymap into the kernel" issue. 

>    Questions about BLFS..
>    ./lfs ..<cmd line switches> ... -BLFS <pkg1 pkg2..>
>    The BLFS code would need to know the config params in /common/congig
> and LFS/config when creating its makefile and must know how to chroot
> into the new partition when building each package.
>    ./clfs --method boot .... --BLFS <pkg1 pkg2 ...>
>    Would also need to delay the running of the blfs makefile until the
> new partition is booted.
>    If this how you see BLFS interfacing to JHALFS.

Be aware that several BLFS packages may have issues when installed in that 
way, thus a full BLFS support in chroot mode don't looks feasible to me.

Before playing with that, that could need changes on the current jhalfs code, 
I would to have BLFS working as an stand-alone code able to install/update 
packages on a running system. That will show us also on what non-LFS binaries 
the BLFS code depends on.

After finish the stand-alone code, then we will need to allow jhalfs to 
install the BLFS code dependencies to can use it on a fresh system. Done 
that, we will can start playing with the full chroot installation and see 
what packages can't be installed in that way, if any.

I will be very bussy 1-2 days finishing the LFS-6.2 Spanish translation.

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