More testing...

Marc-Olivier Barre mo.barre at
Mon Apr 17 02:13:10 PDT 2006

>Here's what I got when I tried the -M option :
>Creating Makefile...
>        Processing... <Chapter4>
>        Processing... <Chapter5>
>        Processing... <Chapter6>
>        Processing... <Chapter7/8/9>
>Building the system...
>make: lfs-Makefile: No such file or directory
>make: *** No rule to make target `lfs-Makefile'.  Stop.

ok, maybe I have something useful :

common/common-funtions : line 426 : cd $JHALFSDIR && make -f ${PROGNAME}-Makefile

LFS/config : line 34 : MKFILE=$JHALFSDIR/Makefile

generated makefile is called "Makefile" but run_make() looks for a makefile named "lfs-Makefile", is this a bug or am I again missing something ?

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