unknown error

Alex Prinsier "\"aphexer\\NO\\SPAM\\\"" at mailhaven.com
Wed Sep 21 09:28:15 PDT 2005

Torsten Vollmann wrote:
> Hm.
> Don't want to state the obvious, but it seems there was an error during the
> unpacking of the file.
> The file is there and the digest is OK, so the file is not corrupt. It seems
> that somehow during unpacking nALFS would like to use "sh" and can't find
> it. I don't know why it wants "sh" - maybe I find something in the nALFS
> code...
> Please try to run something using "sh" like "sh wget.blfs packagedir
> wget/chapter03.wget"
root at lfs:/home/lfs/BLFS# sh wget.blfs /home/lfs/packages/
wget.blfs: line 8: wget: command not found

Works well enouph? :) As I was stuck with trying to install wget, I
obviously don't have wget yet.
> Please try to manually unpack the archive: "tar -xvf wget-1.9.1.tar.bz2"
Works perfectly.
> Is wget the first thing of blfs you want to install or did you succesfully
> install other packages after rebooting into lfs?
I already installed some other packages like bc, openssh, pam, ...
> Which version of the profile did you use?
BLFS-svn... Downloaded it 2 days ago I think, I'm not sure how to check
the exact version...

Now it suddenly works perfectly...  I wouldn't know what could have been
the problem. It got installed succesfully. There was one "problem"
though: I was missing the "dante" package, (optional package). There is
no "dante" package in the profile...

I have my / and /usr partitions mounted read-only. Can that cause any
problems? Of course when needing to make install i mount it readwrite :)


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