BLFS 6.1 (chapter 4)

Torsten Vollmann Torsten at
Sat Sep 17 03:27:56 PDT 2005

Joachim Beckers wrote:

> Torsten Vollmann wrote:
>> Thomas Pegg wrote:
>>>Once this package is updated on anduin this won't be necessary, as it
>>>will be in .tar.bz2 format on there. So I did not apply this part.
>> But the book has a link to a gz file...
> True. The book uses official download links (in most cases), and weird
> enough most package maintainers stills hip their packages gz-ed instead
> of bz2-ed. The profile, on the other hand, uses the packages on anduin
> (the LFS packages server) or it's mirrors (lfs-matrix being the main
> mirror). Those packages are unzipped and bz2-ed before they are put
> online. This is done for consistency (e.g. it handles special cases like
> kerberos) and to preserve space.
> Joachim

I see

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